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Glo has audio and video meditations at every level, with enough variety to ensure you stay inspired.


5 mins
Kick Your Day Off on the Right Foot

Tiffany Cruikshank Meditation

Start your day off with awareness and presence with this gentle guided meditation. Jump right into your daily practice and allow it to be a simple introduction to bringing presence into your life. Begin in a comfortable seated position and tune inward, allow yourself to notice the potential that exists in the space of your day ahead. A great way to make meditation a part of your everyday routine. Props Suggested: A blanket or a bolster.


5 mins
Miracle Meditation

Elena Brower Meditation

Orient yourself to receive miracles with a potent meditation to shift the energy and open your interior space. Enjoy this beautiful practice when feeling disconnected or when you need a shift in perspective. Settle in and enjoy one minute of breath of fire. Focus your attention on nourishing the space inside your head, the place that determines how you see. Gain perspective so that you see the miracles all around you.


20 mins
Yoga Nidra for Emotional Balance

Jo Tastula Meditation

This yoga nidra class explores the emotions we so strongly identify with, and then offers a chance to welcome them as part of your practice or meditation. Reclining back in savasana for this guided meditation, go deeper and deeper into your inner world and notice the arising sensations in your body. Use the breath to find total relaxation and resolution of emotional tension at the subconscious level. Suggested Props: A blanket and a bolster.


30 mins
Reclined Relaxation for Sound Sleep

Felicia Tomasko Audio Meditation

Lie back, get cozy, and progressively relax your entire body. This meditation makes a wonderful transition into sleep in the evening, or a luxurious yogic nap anytime you need to feel rested and restored.


15 mins
Guide Yourself to Sleep

Tias Little Audio Meditation

Release tension from the day and prepare for deep sleep. You'll begin your meditation seated, with an option to lie down for the last few minutes of guided relaxation, to ease yourself into a state between sleep and wakefulness.


5 mins
Simple Self-Forgiveness

Felicia Tomasko Audio Meditation

We are so often critical of ourselves. This self-forgiveness practice centers around a simple affirmation. Wash yourself in compassion, so you can see yourself with new vision.

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