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Glo is online yoga designed for real people—whether you’re a busy mom in need of a quick morning energy boost, or a traveler looking to relax with a yoga nidra before sleep. Work up a sweat with an advanced vinyasa flow, or brush up on the basics in our accessible beginner classes. Whatever your level of experience, life stage, and aspirations—from prenatal strength to mid-workday calm—we’ll help you create an online yoga practice that’s uniquely your own.

Online yoga classes for every level, with enough variety to ensure you stay inspired.


Level 2 45 mins
Morning Energizing Flow

Jason Crandell Vinyasa Flow

This strong and steady flow will open and awaken your whole body, leaving you feeling balanced, energized, and ready to greet the day. You'll stretch out commonly tense areas like your quads, hip flexors, chest, and shoulders as you flow through a sequence including half moon, kapinjalasana, camel, and bridge, with a few arm balances sprinkled in.


Level 1-2 15 mins
Quick Morning Smile

Taylor Harkness Vinyasa Flow

Roll out of bed and into this practice to wake up your body in all the right ways! Start slowly with Sun Salutations and Lunges, enjoy a few quick twists and hamstring openers, then test your balance in Tree Pose before winding down with a smile and a few short and sweet deep breaths.


Level 1-2 30 mins
Ease Into Morning

Stephanie Snyder Vinyasa Flow

Nudge your body and mind out of sleep mode and into go-mode with this warming morning flow. Gently wake up with your breath in Vajrasana, then twist, lunge, fly, and stretch out your body on all sides. Ease your transition from night to day and allow your morning to unfold gracefully.


Level 1-2 20 mins
When You're Feeling Stiff

Taylor Harkness Vinyasa Flow

Whether you've had an active day and you're feeling tight, or you've been sitting all day and need to loosen up, this steady and smooth flow will help you stretch it out. Move a little slower and more organically through easy Forward Folds, Low Lunges, side body leans, and chest-openers. Enjoy a few hip and hamstring stretches, then allow gentle neck stretches to wind you down. Props Suggested: Two blocks.


Level 1-2 30 mins
All-Around, Feel-Good Flow

Kathryn Budig Vinyasa Flow

Enjoy a practice that Kathryn does almost every day because it feels so good! An ideal balance of strength and stretch, you'll flow through sun salutations, drop low in malasana, dance through warrior variations, and float into half moon. Finish up with happy baby and a nice savasana.


Level 1-2 30 mins
Everyday Essentials

Jo Tastula Vinyasa Flow

Get the benefit of a full class in just half the time! Packed into this compact class is all the movement that you'll need to help your body stay supple and strong. Warm up with surya namaskars, flowing into a sequence of postures that greet and awaken every part of you. Includes warrior poses, vrksasana, eagle and bridge, concluding supine with supta baddha konasana and a brief savasana. Make this your go-to daily practice. Props Suggested: Two blocks.

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